Google Sheets

Connect with Google's Cloud platform to have your IoT device readings sent to a Google Sheet.

Note: This integration has been updated so that it automatically creates an alert and uplink sheet within your Google Sheet. The documentation below has been updated to reflect this, although you may still see it in the video walkthrough.

Connecting to Google Sheets#

Use the following steps to setup the Google Sheets Integration.

  1. Open an existing Google Sheet that will hold your IoT data. Make note of the spreadsheet's ID and the name of which sheet tab you want to use within that spreadsheet. You will need these when setting up the integration.

alt text

alt text

  1. Log into your account on the IoT in a Box portal or using the mobile app.
  2. Select the Integrations option and then select the Google Sheets integration.
  3. Enter the following information to complete the integration: Name: Enter a name for this integration. In case you have multiple integrations, this will help uniquely identify it in the list. Spreadsheet ID: Enter the ID portion of the spreadsheet's URL, as shown above.

alt text

alt text After saving the Integration, you will see it shown in your list of integrations.

alt text

  • You can then edit the integration to make any changes needed.
  • You can also toggle the Integration on/off at any time from here as well. Disabling the integration will stop new data from being sent to the Google sheet.

Verifying things are working#

You can verify the integration is working by opening the Google sheet. As device readings are received, new rows will be added to the document.

alt text Note that the Integration will automatically create an alert and uplink sheet to your document. Alerts and reading events will be logged to the appropriate sheet.

alt text