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Device Connectivity Device Connectivity API#

Maintains encrypted connections with devices supporting HTTP and MQTT protocols. Receives traffic from LoRa Network Servers and data stream from other IoT Clouds.


Device Management Device Management API#

Manage device registry, configuration, provisioning, and FOTA scheduling and batching. Easily de-register and re-register devices via LNS Switch. Stores LoRaWAN keys and SSL/TLS certificates with access to real-time data insights.


Cloud API Cloud API#

Interacting and creating applications using the myDevices IoT RESTful API.

Cloud API

Functions Functions#

All-purpose serverless computing or function as a service (FaaS) provides codecs, and integrations online editing. Decodes and normalizes uplink device data and encodes downlink commands simplifying the deployment of integration functions.

Integrations Integrations#

Low effort integration setup and configuration. Connectors send data to 3rd party integrated applications such as Webhook, Azure Services, AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Tableau and more for visualization, reporting analytics, BI tools, machine learning, and business workflows. Build your own data connector and integration with our REST API.

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Identity Provider Identity Provider#

Authentication & authorization system that supports OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect protocols, external User Federation (LDAP & Active Directory), external identity providers (Idp) such as Google, Microsoft, and SSO SAML. Enterprise-grade user management.