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Device Registry and Connectivity

myDevices IoT Cloud Gateway is a connectivity layer that allows IoT Devices and Services to communicate with myDevices Cloud platform over multiple protocols. This data ingestion provides an easy integration layer to connect edge devices, services, or gateways to the myDevices platform.

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Platform API

Interacting and creating applications using the myDevices IoT RESTful API.


Low effort integration setup and configuration. Connectors send data to 3rd party integrated applications such as Webhook, Azure Services, AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Tableau and more for visualization, reporting analytics, BI tools, machine learning, and business workflows. Build your own data connector and integration with our REST API.

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Identity Provider

Authentication & authorization system that supports OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect protocols, external User Federation (LDAP & Active Directory), external identity providers (Idp) such as Google, Microsoft, and SSO SAML. Enterprise-grade user management.