Admin API Introduction

How to use the IoT Console to query your product's data. White label customers can use the Admin API to gather information on customers, such as ingesting it into a billing system.

Note: The IoT Console and features shown here are available for White Label customers only.

About our API#

The IoT in a Box API has been designed to enable people who have existing software and services to help monitor and run their business. Using our API, you can easily pull in data from IoT in a Box and consume it directly in your business services. Our goal from the ground up was to make this as simple as possible using the API.

Here are some examples of data available through our API:

  • Users
  • Company & Location details
  • Device status and history
  • Alert status and history

Note: The video references a slightly older version of the console UI. Although the information shown is now located under Admin API, the remainder of the content and tutorials presented remain the same.

Where to start#

  • Obtaining your admin API credentials#

    You can use the console to obtain your API credentials needed to query customer data using the API.

  • Querying domain data using the API#

    If you are a developer looking for information on how to setup and access data using the API, check out the Developer's Guide section for an overview and guide that will help you get started quickly. Afterwards, you will also want to check the API Reference which contains all the technical documentation for the API features/functions.

Managing your Admin API credentials#

IoT in a Box makes sharing your data simple and secure, using industry standard authorization services. To protect your data, your data cannot be accessed without someone knowing your account’s unique API credentials. These credentials can be easily obtained using the console.

  1. Log into your account on the IoT in a Box console.
  2. Select the Admin API option from the menu.
  3. Refer to the API section shown there.
  4. Click the Show button to reveal your Client Secret. Make note of each of the fields shown here.

Once you have your API credentials, you will be able to pull and consume data for your account using our IoT in a Box API.

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