Helium Integration


About Helium

The Helium Blockchain is building the largest LoRaWAN network that provides secured and low-power Internet of Things communication. It's simple and easy to integrate devices with Helium and Cayenne.

Using Helium with Cayenne

Cayenne makes it easy to use your LoRa device and Helium. You will need to:

  1. Create / Log into your account on Helium Console
  2. Register your device on Helium
  3. Create and configure Integration
  4. Add your device to your Cayenne dashboard

We will walk you through these steps in the following sections.

Create or Log into your account#

To create your account, visit Helium Console Register page. From here you can enter in all the required details for creating your account. Or you can Login straight into your account.

alt text

Helium Console

Once you have your account and have signed in, you will be redirected to the Console which is where you can configure your Devices and Integrations.

alt text

Setup a device#

If you have an existing device you can skip to the Integration setup step.

Click on Devices to begin the device registration process. Under the Devices click on Add Device to register aew device. Helium console will generate a DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey to use with your device. If you have an existing deviceot on helium network, you may enter such device information.

alt text

Create and configure Integration#

In order for data from your device to reach myDevices, you must configure an integration in the Helium Console.

To create an integration click on Integrations, then select myDevices Cayenne.

alt text

The next step is to name the integration

Last, apply any optional Labels. For more information on Labels please visit the Labels guide.

Adding Your Device on myDevices Cayenne#

Once you have a device added on Console and you have verified that packets are being received, you can then proceed to add the device on Cayenne.

From the Cayenne dashboard, click Add New > Device / Widget.

alt text

From the list of devices & widgets that appears, click LoRa and select the Helium Network option to view a list of Helium supported devices.

alt text

Here we've selected the popular STM32 B-L072Z-LRWAN1 LoRaWAN development board.

alt text

The only information you'll need once you've selected your device is to enter the DevEUI, which is found on your device details page on Console, shown below.

alt text

Once the device has been added to the dashboard and send a data uplink, the Cayenne dashboard will automatically create the widgets and values coming from the device.

alt text