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The MQTT integration allows you to publish device's telemetric data using the MQTT protocol. In addition, the MQTT integration can be used to publish alerts events. Secured connections over TLS is also supported by providing endpoint client certificates.

MQTT Setup

  1. Login to your myDevices Account, select Sources, and select MQTT.


  1. Fill in the MQTT Broker information

    The following fields are required:

    • Host
    • Port
    • Username
    • Password
    • Client ID
    • Topic: Static or dynamic topic pattern, defaults to: devices/{{.DeviceID}}/events

  2. (Optional) SSL/TLS Connections

    The following settings are required for a secured SSL/TLS connection. Certificate information should be provided in PEM format.

    • CA File (optional)
    • Certificate
    • Certificate Key
  3. Save integration.