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Power BI

About the Integration

The Power BI Integration is a Premium Integration that we offer so that our partners can access their complete realm-level data within Power BI.

💡 You will need a Power Bi account and access to your Delta Sharing endpoint to use this integration.

❗ Please remember that although we can help you any problems you have in accessing your realm data, we cannot offer support with Power Bi usage (dealing with data set size, crafting queries, creating Visualization, etc will need to be handled on your side) - we can only offer support up to successfully accessing your data through the endpoint.

Connecting your data to Power BI

Step 1:

myDevices Team will send a web link to the .share file shortly in a separate email. Download the credential file via the provided link.

Keep in mind that the link will be deactivated after the first download.

Step 2:

Connect to the data using the preferred client. For demo purposes, we suggest using Power BI. Appropriate buttons are highlighted in yellow.

2.1 Download and install Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

2.2 Launch Power BI. Click on "Get Data" and select "More".

2.3 Search for Delta and pick Delta Sharing

2.4 Open in a text editor .share file provided by myDevices Team.

2.5 Copy the endpoint key value. ❗ Don't use the dummy value from the screenshot.

example endpoint:

2.6 Paste the endpoint to the Delta Sharing Server URL box in the Power BI connection window.

💡 Set the row limit to avoid memory overloading or keep it empty. Power BI will default it to 1,000,000

2.7 After clicking the connect button Power BI will display the authentication window. Insert the bearer token from the .share file provided by myDevices Team.

2.8 Pick the necessary dataset and start the import of the data.

  • The .share file can be downloaded only ONCE. Please, make sure you save and store it securely.

    💡 In case of exposure, IMMEDIATELY notify myDevices and we will reset the token. Don't save the credentials file to public resources.

  • The bearer tokens should be rotated once they expire. Make sure you notify myDevices Team beforehand.

    The expiration timestamp is added to the .share file.

  • The latest data that can be accessed via private preview goes back to Sept 2021. Keep in mind, memory management is fully in your hands.

    💡 Importing all historical records might cause memory issues depending on the size of the data. Delta Sharing Protocol provides a rich API for incremental refreshes.

  • The structure of tables can't be modified in private preview. Please, provide us with the list of missing columns or any other modifications that might be useful to your company.

    We are actively gathering feedback from our partners for future improvements.

  • Due to the known limitation in Power BI, make sure you set the row limit within the import window to something that is greater than a table with max number of total records that you are trying to load via Delta Sharing. For example, you have 3 tables with the following total number of records:

    • 5M readings

    • 400K alerts

    • 3M pings

      If you decided to import alerts and pings for the last 10 days ONLY using Power BI date filter you still have to set the row limit to any 3M+ number. Keep in mind that tables are growing and you may need to adjust the limit over time if you notice that data sets are missing some of the records.

More details on how to work with Delta Sharing: